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That's what I decided I have become... Last night, I tossed and turned and turned and tossed and simply could not fall asleep until I had sufficiently thrashed for an hour. (Not like me at all. Normally if I'm up fifteen minutes after lying down it's been a long time.) Hit snooze way too many times this morning and drug ass getting up. Felt as ya do when you're first adjusting to sleeping pills. For those who don't know what that feels like, fucked up are the simplest two words I can think of to describe it. For those not satisfied with that description, here is a slightly longer one: It's like you're sleep walking. You're semi-conscious of what you are doing, and yet you don't remember what you just did a second ago... Not to mention the occasional drift offs while you're in the process of doing something... Yeah, I think that's the best I can describe it.

Anyhow, got to work, munched some thin mints, popped some prednisone, grabbed a mountain dew and was feeling good. Had a coke for lunch (yes I know queen of nutrition today) and then grabbed a mountain dew on my way back to my desk from lunch. Half way through the mountain dew I realized, wow, I'm talking really fast, and a lot, and yet I seem to be whipping through my work... Huh. That's soo funny considering how tired I was this morning.

...And then it clicked. Fuuuccckkk. Threw away the rest of my mountain dew and decided that perhaps I was getting a little too drugged out and that explains why I couldn't sleep last night (this morning).... Yesterday was prednisone and coke day. So, my crack monkey nonsense has now settled down to a normal pace and I'm hoping that in two hours I feel sleepy. *fingers crossed*


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